When companies are looking to purchase a manufacturing ERP software solution they usually ask questions like.

  • Will the manufacturing ERP software help to improve customer satisfaction?
  • Will the manufacturing ERP software lower operating costs?
  • Will the manufacturing ERP software help parts move through the shop?
  • Will the manufacturing ERP software help keep track of where customer orders are on the shop floor?

Quick JobShop can help with all of these questions.
A few ways Quick JobShop can help improve customer satisfaction is by making it easier for companies achieve higher “on-time delivery” percentage.
Another way Quick JobShop can help is through the use of route sheets that are unique to the part being produced with a record of all past route sheets and changes for that part so you can see what works and make changes accordingly. The next time that part is produced you have the current version of the route sheet, no searching for the last run paperwork and wondering if there were changes.
There is also the ability to print out all certifications for a “cert package” from the job report page. Taking something that can take companies days down to a few minutes. Anything that went into making that part is listed there and has the documentation that was scanned in at time of receiving.

One of the ways Quick JobShop can help lower operating costs is to lessen the amount of time people have to spend on paperwork, and finding things. It puts everything in one place and makes it very accessible. Want to know how many of part “1234 Rev.C” do you have in stock? No need to have the inventory control person stop what they are doing to go to a shelf and count. It can be looked up in the inventory section. From that screen you can see how many are in stock and what job# they were produced under. You can see what other jobs are in WIP making that part and more. It can reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to produce a “cert package” from days, on large assemblies, to a few minutes.

Quick JobShop can help keep parts moving through the shop by keeping track of jobs from order entry all the way through to product delivery. There are multiple ways to find the information you are looking for. Don’t have the job# but know the customer PO, no problem. Don’t know what material went into a job, also not a problem. Everything in Quick JobShop is linked to anything it touches in the system and can be found with ease.

Quick JobShop can help keep track of where orders are on the shop floor with what was mentioned above, but also through employee time tracking. The route sheets that are on the shop floor are bar-coded and can be scanned by employees. The scanning assigns a start time for them on the job# and process they are performing. When they are done all they do is scan out and type in the number of good / bad parts produced. If you happen to run a shop with 1 person running multiple machines, Quick JobShop allows for this. All of this information can be seen from a job report screen to show where the job is in the production process.

Questions like these and others are common and should be asked. Quick JobShop can help answer these and any questions you might have, so please give us a call today to find out if Quick JobShop is right for you. You can also visit this page for more info.