At Quick JobShop we are always working to add new features to our job shop software that customers have requested or we think customers would want. Something we have been working on is adding an equipment list section into the job shop software. This is something that has been asked for from current customers as well as some of the potential customers we have given onsite demos to. Listening to our customers and developing features like this for our job shop software is one of the ways we are expanding a loyal customer base. What we are working on now or have completed are as follows.

  • Ability to add pictures to equipment
  • Categories for equipment
  • Maintenance logs
  • Calibration logs
  • Location Information

The maintenance and calibration logs will be another help with getting and maintaining ISO and AS certification. Now everything will be in digital format and companies will no longer have to keep hard copy folders that could be lost. Another benefit is having the calibration expiration dates linked to the calendar module so you know when every piece of equipment you need calibrated is going to expire. Also you can schedule preventative maintenance on your equipment that will also be linked to the calendar module.

We are still working on this area of the job shop software and expect it to be completed for testing in about 1-2 months.