Our Story

Quick JobShop was developed in a CNC job shop environment in response to the need to have a central location for everything that happens in a shop, managed and recorded. Our company is USA based, American owned and operated. The ERP software has been in active development since 2000. It started out as simple shop floor time tracking for orders and grew to encompass the needs for the entire shop. The software from the start was designed to be flexible in a job shop environment, flow on a computer like a shop flows, and be very user friendly. The software is very simple to use and flows just like a shop floor should due to it being developed in a working job shop. It is also very quick to setup and start running. In order to better cover businesses with less employees we have recently updated our pricing. We still offer unlimited users for the same price but now offer less expensive packages with a limited number of users. All of our packages include everything and as your business grows and you need to add users all you do is just start paying for that package. Other software charges half to sometimes full price for “upgrades” yearly, with Quick Jobshop your monthly hosting gives you access to all future upgrades and enhancements.

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